Reiki Master


'Energy what??...', a friend asked about my energy work. 'Imagine, the blood running through you is your materialized energy. There is an immaterial energy running through you, which is very real. You can sense it when someone approaches you without being able to see that person, yet you 'feel' it. Or when you think of someone and they call, which is a direct connection within that energy. You store energy in the body when you have an unpleasant experience or think of something you would consider 'negative'. I can guide the energy to release, balance and realign your system to a more peaceful state. Especially, combined with a meditation, this can be profoundly transformative.'

The Reiki Master degree was the turning point in my life. I was called to Energy Work, and the experience, knowledge, the understanding and practicing of this energy work led me to the knowing that all is energy and all is connected. The sound of the spinning Earth is connected to the singing of the whales and the chirping of the crickets. All is Sound, all is Light, all is Energy. We resonate and we are. 

I invite you to feel yourself as the infinite being you are through deep energy work and complete relaxation into that which is your truth: the beautiful substance of your body and soul: energy. A big part of our cells is space = energy, and in this and through this we can physically connect to the divine. We can connect to all that is alive and that we can see as well as to the invisible realm, which is just as real. Let's live there. It is fun. And it is beautiful.