YOU are my inspiration. You have honed your skills and are ready to be out there, be heard and seen. 

I bring   40 years of experience in Music, Photography, Spiritual Psychology and Style along. 

I arrived in Los Angeles in 1996 and quickly became a working musician in this city. 

I also worked with my husband, producer and arranger, on countless projects and stepped deeply into the LA music scene and industry. I fell in love with photography, became an award winning photographer, received my Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology and practiced different energy modalities including  Reiki (Master level).  I also became a mother, which has grown  the level of love and compassion I have for human beings. With these specific skills, my proven approach evolved, the strategies for success became clear.

Through clarity, strength of heart, awareness, connectivity in the industry, experience, courage and skill, we work together and are and build a team in order to move forward quickly and efficiently.  

You will make leaps, realize new facets of yourself, get to know who is in accordance with you, and soar as you build your humility in confidence, your boldness in kindness and your elegance  into your shining star. The dream will become your reality. 

If you feel we might align, please apply. I am looking forward to meeting you. 

Welcome to Overtone Coaching.

As featured on HBO's: "Two Tribes: The Making of a band."

We work on your inner belief system to rule out doubt. 

We elevate your power to manifest that which you wish for.

Action steps will validate your strength of heart. 

Your clarity will grow and with it your determination for that which is ‘up’. 

Your connections will deepen. 

Your ability to represent your true self will be heightened. 

We start by meeting, exchanging experiences, hopes and ideas, and determine our compatibility. Then we move forward into your precise schedule in service to your individual journey.

You are after all one of a kind!