I thought a thought

I had this thought. What if a thought was just a little beam of lightning running through my head, creating a feeling tone within me, which can reach excruciating levels, it might even go into my body and form a complete dis-ease and then .... it simply goes away? And what I am left with is unimaginable amounts of pain... A residue from something I seemingly do not do voluntarily. Or do I? Are thoughts maybe left over messages from past experiences that haunt me? They might haunt me so I can change. So I may shift. So I may not think them again. 

And how do I do that? How do I not think those harmful thoughts anymore? I guess by catching them in the act, by shining a light on them and saying: 'Thought, get out of my head now!' 

Because in truth, that which we are is this: The most beautiful, sparkly fireworks one can imagine, with self motivation drive and glorious sparkle, with different colors and all kinds of shapes. We are joy. We are beauty. We are love.