Monkey Mind - The fear of our minds can drive us crazy

Some days, it seems that my mind and all those wild thoughts are running my life. I do not seem in charge at all. How can that happen? My mind is a part of me and here I am, seemingly helpless. And when I slow down and attempt to get out of the busy-ness of life, it gets stronger and frightens me with images of darkness and distress. 

    Is that normal? Or is that just my mind? I often wonder whether it is something that is wrong with me, something I have attracted, something that is punishing me or simply just my incapable way of living my life. 

    There is nothing wrong with me or you. We are all afraid of our minds. We all have a steady way of believing that the mind is all powerful and leads us to success and achievement. And to a degree that is true. It is the tool for us to think and speak, to communicate and do the things we wish to do. It is the host of the brain, which controls our bodily functions, it makes us walk, talk, feel and open our eyes in the morning. 

    Yet it is also a tool which can be in service to something entirely different. To our heart. And our soul. If paid attention to, the mind can be an amazing ally on our quest for a balance between all the different experiences in life. The mind is so powerful, it canchange the frequency of our wellbeing with just one thought. It can make us instantly devastated with one thought. It can elevate our ‘state of mind’ to a high that is ecstatic with just one thought. 

    That is the power we all know. We have all had experiences with this, even if we might not remember those clearly. And that mind can support us on our quest for wellbeing, success and love if we learn to harness its power. 

    Meditation and stillness is the tool. Balance, strength and love is the reward. For this, I enlist the powers of guided meditations. There are plenty of those on Amazon and through Audible or through Hayhouse Publishing. Try them. They will easily guide you, so you may not feel lost or anxious or restless. They are great tools to step into your true strength, natural upliftment and success in your life. 

    Love to you all.