Every day a mini life lived

All of society is afraid of death, or as David Whyte calls it ‘The great disappearance’. We do no wish to speak of it, it gives us chills, we hate it or we just deny the reality of it. We fear it is painful, and sad and lonely. And we know that it can be. 

Every day is like a mini life. It starts by waking up in the morning, when we sometimes have to ask ourselves: Who am I and what is my name? Sometimes we jump right out of bed and are ready for adventures, and some mornings we do not wish to face anything in this world. Yet, we do get up and we continue the journey of seeking who we can become and what we wish to experience. We seek love and joy, a purpose and a meaning. And with us into the day comes the promise of the end. Just as our birth carried the knowledge of our death.

At night we release our bodies and minds into the unconsciousness of the dark sleep. We might have some fear about the darkness ofthe lonely shadows. We might wake up during the night and toss and turn, fearing all kinds of scenarios in our own lives as well as the lives of our children, our husband, our mother or father or sister or brother. We can have night sweats because of the unknown darkness, which shows all facets of negativity and ultimately a taste of the great hole of disappearance.

Every night is a little death, as each time inside the shadows of being and becoming, we have to let go and let God. The only thing we can do is to either surrender and accept and go through this feeling of frustration, fear and sometimes terror, or surrender and accept and meditate. In this great search for peace and quiet, lies one of the greatest opportunities for us. 

I propose that we get used to the silence within and around us right now. Let us determine that we are love and light, and we can observe our fears, accept them and move towards greater peace. Let us find ways to alleviate the fear at the end of our day. Think about what would soothe you and have it readily available by your bedside. It could be calming music, a guided meditation, a hot calming tea, a prayer or a journal entry. Follow your heart. You know what to do. In the morning’s gratitude lies the greatest freedom we can ever find.