A drop of water, you are worth nothing and Pachamama

In Peruvian Quechuan culture the belief is that we all come from Pachamama (mother Earth) and Father Apu (father of the Mountains). The belief that a higher and much bigger power, a source from which energy runs and which can determine our lives through changes in nature, in rain fall, in sunshine, in storms and floods, in thunder and lightning has meant a tremendous amount of spiritual existence within indigenous cultures. The idea that we were given life has the power to take away from the necessity to be 'something', to strive for something in the outer world existence that we might not be, and it can give the state of beingness a humility and simplicity that is healing in itself. We are all left with a great deal of responsibility and possibility to execute our beingness in our lives and in this world in a way that is decent and filled with loving. However, the basic thought that Pachamama and Apu gives us life brings with it a reverence that creates a loving connection to one another. Instead of separation, which we create within us at the exact moment we judge another as ‘less than’ or ‘more than’ ourselves, we can create the connectedness which is represented in nature as every single drop in the ocean. No drop is judged as being ugly or wrong, and every drop in its small beauty creates an ocean of connected magic. We together can create that ocean as individual bodies representing a whole of humanity. In that knowing of us all being drops placed here to be a part of humanity and a part of existence, we can define our own beautiful droplet as innately gorgeous and filled with wonder and miracles. We would never say: ‘Oh, you’re just a drop of water, you are worth nothing, look at what weird shapes and colors you make. I don’t like you. You are just not enough.’ No, we adore drops of water on our windshields, our windows, on the leaves outside and the morning mist of mysterious promise, when the beauty is sometimes almost too much to bear. The beauty of a single drop is breathtakingAnd so are we. We are breathtaking. We are divine. We are a part of this whole magical world, letting us all know that we are beauty-full and wonder-full.