It is so unfair, I am crying

I have been crying for a while now. It seems to cleanse my heart and mind, and I feel a little lighter. 

A while back my husband composed a beautiful title music for a new show. His music was edgy and phenomenal. The producers and execs did not give him the job, yet had the score composer work on the title as well. When we saw the show on TV and heard the music, my husband sobbed. It was almost exactly his music! It was such a sad day. And to top it all off, the composer won an Emmy for the music. For my husband's music. He had simply copied it.

Today, this is all coming back. After my roses were dug up and stolen from my front yard, my bicycle was stolen from my driveway, my credit card  information was stolen again and all advertisement seems to lie all the time, I have had it. I am so very sad about the state of the world and my world. I am crying today for all those lies and deceits we all suffer daily. My tears are for my husband, who is working with such loving passion, and who is a beautiful and kind human being, and still the world is unfair. 

What is it that we must do to get the fairness we all deserve? I guess, keeping on living, crying, mourning and grieving all that we have lost, all that was stolen. And moving forward in the knowing that we are love and we can choose that love to stream through us every moment. It seems to me that this is the only way to elevate, forgive and feel peace. And then, to accept what is occurring and loving myself through it is where it all starts. That might not be the easiest way and it might not bring fairness right now, yet That is what I can do in this moment and hopefully plant the seed for future generations. And that is what I choose to do and be.

So, here we go: I am forgiveness, I am love, I am peace, I am strong, I am acceptance, I am peace. 

I love you my friends and I vow today to honor you always.