On a sunny and crisp day in the Swiss Alps it happened

On a sunny, crisp and clear day in the Swiss Alps, I had a heart attack. As you can imagine, the shock and the surprise was tremendous, as my whole family watched me being transported off to the nearby Cardio Centro. 

Through my recovery, I had to dig deep through layers of fear and doubt, and come to terms with what I found to be a chain of challenging events I had called forward into my life. I realized that growing up in Germany with a very dominant father, the pain of defeating my most inner heart wishes of being a songwriter and becoming a Violinist, manifesting a Thyroid disorder, moving to the United States, starting a new life in a different language, finding photography, studying energy work and working for my Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, giving birth to my son with Cranio Synostosis and many surgeries later, and then the scare of my heart attack, that all these links in the chain are not even chain links. They are a beautifully strung chain of pearls with wisdom and experience abound. All of it is my safety net I have formed as a base for my life. I know now that I can choose to just dangle from the net, not realizing its strength, and be swished back and forth in the wind, or I can sit and stand firmly on this net, which makes me so powerfully who I am. 

I choose the latter. I wonder what you will do today.